Phantom Task (亡国機業/ファントム・タスク) is an antagonistic underground organization who hid themselves in the shadows. They revealed themselves recently during the IS Academy's anniversary. It was a group notorious for stealing IS from all over the world and equipping them with deadly pilots that will kill other IS pilots. 

Phantom Task 20-2006


The organization is known as [Ruined Country Weaving Industry] - [Phantom Task]. It had seen over 50 years of operations and according to rumor the organization is born from the second 'big war' (that could refer to World War II). They have no allegiance to any country, religious cause, or ideology and the races of the people involved is unknown. That is why the organization is so difficult to predict. They also had numeral clashes with the Sarashiki family, who in turn had some underground dealings. There are two main groups in the organization. The Board of directors who manages the organization and the Operational squad full of various specialists. They begun targeting IS's due to their deadly potential to wreck havoc internationally.[1]

It also managed to stay in the shadows because countries who lost their IS's to them refused to announce their losses, as it would put them on a disadvantageous position to rival countries. This is strongly due to a fact that a country with more IS cores will have an advantage in the political monopoly. This is proven by Chifuyu Orimura when she once commented that IS cores are things any country would desire.[2] Another reason for concealing the loss of an IS, as pointed out by Laura Bodewig, is that it would inflict a heavy loss on the national defense side. Thus nobody would reveal that their IS's got stolen.[3]


During their first strike at the IS Academy's anniversary, Laura was convinced that Phantom Task was a really large group not to be underestimated due to the infiltration capabilities of the members and their high level skills in IS battles.[4]

Autumn also revealed that Phantom Task was responsible for Ichika's childhood kidnapping and rigging Chifuyu's match. The purpose of this so far is unclear. It is also currently unknown who ordered and orchestrated his kidnapping.[5]

Known members and their stolen ISEdit

  • M - A primary antagonist of the Light Novel series who intends to kill Chifuyu. She pilots the Silent Zephyrs, a 3rd generation IS stolen from England. She later pilots Black Knight, a modified version of Silent Zephyrs designed by Tabane Shinonono.
  • Autumn - A rash, hot headed member who fought with Ichika during the IS academy's anniversary and almost succeeded in stealing the Byakushiki. She pilots the Arachne, a eight-legged 2nd generation IS that was stolen from the USA.
  • Squall Meusel - The leader of M's Phantom Task Squad. Not much was known about her except that she shares a homosexual relationship with Autumn but it is unknown if she is really into the relationship or if she is just using Autumn. Her IS is the Golden Dawn.
  • Daryl Cayce - 3rd year student who is the pilot of the personal IS Hellhound V2.5. She reveals be a phantom task member, her agent name is Rain Meusel, Squall Meusel's niece. She doesn't appear in the anime.
  • Forte Sapphire - 2nd year student who is the pilot of the personal IS Cold Blood. She and Daryl share a loving relationship. In the Volume 10 when Daryl reveals her true colors she betrays the academy and goes with Daryl. She doesn't appear in the anime.


  • The IS suits the shown Phantom Task members wear are more revealing compare to other IS pilot suits.


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