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Featured Character

Cecilia Alcott

IS2 - Cecilia Alcott
Cecilia Alcott (セシリア オルコット, Seshiria Orukotto?) is a 1st year student at the IS Academy in Class One and the IS Representative Cadet/Candidate of United Kingdom. She is the 2nd heroine to be introduced to the Infinite Stratos series.


She takes the appearance of a teenage British girl who has blue eyes, long blonde hair, and wears a blue headband. Her IS Academy uniform is slightly modified with a long skirt with black frills at the end of the skirt and sleeves. For her IS Practice and battles, she wears the blue version of their training uniform. Her IS in the closed form takes the form of ear accessories. She has a very good figure that Ichika has compare to those of a model, she admits she worked as one before. 

Infinite Stratos (IS) & Abilities

Cecilia's knowledge of IS is suggested to be high, as she was able to score high on an aptitude test at a very young age, thus earning the government's attention and giving her a personal IS, the Blue Tears.

As an A-Rank pilot, her skills are top-notch, being able to handle opponents by overwhelming them and avoiding attacks that can knock others down, although her overconfidence can at times undermine her skills and can make her susceptible to certain attack styles that can be avoidable. In Volume 5, she consider herself the weakest among the girls as well as Ichika since she's the only who should've lost to Ichika (only winning by a technically). Also due to the nature of her unit, she does not know much on group formations and strategies. Later in the light novel, she learned to bend her laser beams at certain angles to give her an edge.

Featured IS Unit

Blue Tears

Blue Tears art

Blue Tears (ブルー・ティアーズ, lit. Burū Tiāzu), is a 3rd Generation experimental IS which is piloted by Cecilia Alcott.


Blue Tears is a Long Range Sniper Type, designed around the concept that one pilot can take down multiple enemies or overwhelm a single opponent at a distance, through the usage of the optical drones. Blue Tears takes the form of ear-rings accessories in its Standby Mode.


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