Chapter 3: The Separation and Dismantling of the Worlds - World PurgeEdit


The sound of the baseball club activities could be heard from afar in this classroom as the sunset shone in, and Ichika and I were the only ones in here.

“What is it, Rin?”

—Eh, what is it I want to say?


I get the feeling I’m forgetting something here.

But I just can’t recall for some reason.

“Anyway, it’s rare for the two of us to be together.”

“Ah, yes…”

The location is the classroom at sunset, Rin dressed in a sailor uniform, and Ichika in school uniform.

(Even with tw-two of us alone like this, as expected…it’s really nerve-wrecking…)

Just like they were in a relationship.

—In a relationship?


—With who?

My most beloved Ichika!

(Ye-yeah, that’s right. Why did I forget such an obvious thing…?)

I laugh awkwardly and sit at my place.

My heart’s beating wildly…

My heart’s beating…

(I-I think…my heart’s starting to hurt after all.)


“Wh-what is it?”

Even my voice’s a little off-pitched…uu, I really embarrassed myself.

“Can I sit beside you?”

“Ah, yes.”

I subconsciously nod twice.

Ichika smiles as he sits beside me.



There’s silence.

But my heart doesn’t feel that way inside.

(U, uwa, uwaa, what do I do…ou-our bodies are sticking together.)

I could feel Ichika’s body warmth reach me as our bodies stick to each other.

Right now, I’m so tense that I can hear my own heartbeat if I listen carefully.



Ichika whispers at my ears.

He let out a gentle breath that grazed my ear, causing my heart to beat wildly again.

“Do you want me to go to your house today?’


I recall the conversation we had 3 days ago.

“My parents are going overseas tomorrow, so I have to cook for myself. It’s really troublesome.”


It wasn’t really a meaningful conversation, but as I think of it now—

(Am-am I not inviting him now…)

That’s definitely the case.

Ichika must have certainly thought this way.


My face was fully red to my ears, and I couldn’t look at Ichika in the face.

“Is it alright, Rin…?”


I nod my head.

“World Purge, complete.”

I feel there’s such a sound ringing in my head.

But now’s not the time for this.

(Ho-how do I change my underwear once I get home…)

My mind was full of such thoughts.

In the research room, Ichika, who had his IS in open mode, was sitting at the chair as the data collection was roughly completed.

“It’s almost over. Here’s the coffee.”

“Ah, thanks.”

Ichika drank the coffee she got from Hikaruno, and took a gulp at it.

It was bitter, and his tongue tasted the bitterness of adults.



He clearly heard it.

Once he firmly believed so, Ichika put down the coffee and boarded ‘Byakushiki’.

“O-oi oi, Orimura-kun!?”

“Sorry, I’m heading back to school now!”

“Hu-huh? Wait, your sister will be troubled if you do that—”

“I’m breaking through from the front!”


Just as Ichika had declared so, he activated the particle cannon and blew up the wall in front of him.

“I’m off then.”

He flew through the hole, and immediately used the Ignition Boost to accelerate away.

Soon after, his silhouette shrank, and he could not be seen.

“How reckless…”

Ack, ack, Hikaruno muttered in the midst of the research room as dust scattered.

“But he’s still young after all.”

She sighed as she shook her head.

But she then showed a bewitching smile.

“I got the information I needed anyway, so it’s all fine, Orimura Ichika-kun.”

She grinned and casted a side glance to the sky.

“Now I can begin the next generation mass-production plan…”

It took me less than 30 minutes to reach IS Academy through the use of consecutive Ignition Boosts.

(Someone’s calling, calling for me…!)


In that case, I have no choice but to go,

”Because I’m Orimura Ichika.”


The ‘Byakushiki’ sensor seem to pick up something.


The men dressed in black assault suits are carrying Tatenashi-san down the school corridors.

“Those guys—”

I carry out Ignition Boost, and focus on a single spot.


While attacking them, I send the men flying and protect Tatenashi-san. And then, I fire the particle cannon at the floor to obstruct their sight.


A kick.

This kick alone sent the 6 men flying to the wall.

“Tatenashi-san, Tatenashi-san!?”

I desperately call her name. Her body response indicates that she’s not dead, but Tatenashi-san still hasn’t opened her eyes.


I call her name with her vigor, and she finally opens her eyes.


She’s probably injected with some drug as she still looks a little sleepy, just like a sleeping beauty.

“Are you alright? I’ll send you to the infirmary.”

“No…go…underground…here. Orimura-sensei is…also there…”

I receive the coordinates and accelerate to the destination.

“Tatenashi-san, you’re bleeding…were you hit!?”

“I’m fine…”

She’s still laughing away, but her face isn’t showing her usual foolishness.

(Damm! What exactly happened here!?)

I use the particle cannons to shoot down all the shutters getting in my way, and head off to where Chifuyu-nee is.

“Over here!?”

I operate the panel and open the door. Chifuyu-nee and Yamada-sensei are inside with an unfamiliar female who’s tied up.

“Huh…eh? What exactly—”

“I’ll explain later! Orimura, go save Shinonono and the rest!”


“I’ll send you the coordinates now. Hurry!”


I hand Tatenashi-san to Yamada-sensei, and head down with the maximum output, just as I did before.

(Seriously, what is going on!?)

I remove my IS at the target room, and enter.

Houki and the rest are sleeping in this pure white room, and a flustered Kanzashi is there.


“Kanzashi? Tell me the details.”


It might be a little difficult for Kanzashi, who’s not adept at talking, to explain everything in such a short time.

Just when I was thinking about this, I receive a mail.

“To Orimura-kun,

Right now, this IS Academy is attacked and neutralized by an anonymous person.

Shinonono-san and the rest entered the computer world, hoping to regain control, but were attacked by someone, and we lost contact with them. If this keeps up, they may never wake up again.

Thus, we need you to enter the computer world through the IS core network just like them and save everyone.


From Sarashiki Kanzashi.”

…Alright, I understand.

These are really hard to understand—I understand!

“In other words, I have to dive into the computer world!?”


Kanzashi’s holding onto a taser. What is she planning to do?

“Oi, Kanza—”



I suddenly felt a powerful electric jolt run through my body.

It hurts.

It feels hot.

I’m numb.

My consciousness faded away.

“Wh-what are you doing!?”

I supported myself up.


When was I lying down? What’s with the grassland I see in front of me?

“Please head to the forest, everyone should be in a door inside.”

Kanzashi’s voice rang in my head.

“Roger that!”

I nod my head hard and start running.


In the midst of the turbulent rain, Ichika and I use our bags as we keep running.

“Anyway, let’s get to the bus stop first.”

We do walk to school instead of riding the bus, but we still went to the station to hide from the rain.

“This rain sure is heavy when it pours.”

“Yeah…ahh seriously, I’m completely drenched.”

I squeeze the water off my hair, and suddenly feel something placed on my head.

“Use the towel.”

“Ah, yes, thanks. What about you, Ichika?”

“I’m fine.”

Ichika said this as he rubbed me on my head gently.

…Ehehe, I really love Ichika’s gentleness.

“Hey, Rin.”

“Hm? What is it?”

“Let me wipe your body.”

Ichika finished what he said, and rolls up my uniform before starting to wipe me.

“—wait, you idiot!”

THUNK! A punch of justice.

“It hurts.”



Recently, Ichika will touch me as long as I’m not noticing.

I-I know that he’s thirsty for me…but as expected, I prefer my first time to be a little more romantic.


But—I don’t hate it.

(My body feels like it’s floating a little whenever Ichika touches me.)

I will feel very happy.

I feel good.

I want this to continue.

…These are my true thoughts.

(To-today’s, good, I guess…?)

I ask myself.


My heart throb loudly.

This is my reply.

“Ah, that’s good. The sky’s clear now.”

“Nn, that’s right.”

“Alright, then, how about coming to my house!?”

“Oh, lend me your shower.”


“My hair’s wet.”

“Ah, yes! Aha, ahahaha!”

I still can’t endure the throbbing in my heart, and let out a weird laugh.

“Let’s go.”

Ichika naturally holds my hand.

After a little hesitation, I grab it back and nod.


And then, both of us stroll down this asphalt road that was giving off a little smell due to the rain.

The destination is my house, the Chinese restaurant ‘Lingyin’.

I do feel a little embarrassed that my parents loved me like this.

They’re on vacation today, so the sign curtain’s not placed.

Ichika and I entered the shop and head into the main house. We then stopped at, that living room.


Our hands are still holding each other’s.

My other open hand is opening and closing.

“Wh-what do we do? H-how about a shower first?”

“Let’s do it then.”

Ichika nods.

I imagine Ichika showing, and immediately blush.

(I-I better check my underwear now.)

My heart’s beating like crazy.


“Eh!? Wha-what is it!?”

“How about we shower together?”

Ptch, my face is completely red to the ears.


I charge out at full speed, and escape from Ichika.

Just like this, I head upstairs and escape into my room on the second level.

“Haa, haa, haa…”

The sudden sprint just now caused my breathing to be erratic.

—How about we shower together?


Anyway, I slam my pillow onto the bed first.


Better change my underwear.

I didn’t think of what happened before, and open my underwear drawer.

(Wh-which one do I take…? Which, that, thi-this, will this excite, him…?)

I deliberately chose my underwear for today.

This is my ‘decisive underwear’, but to be honest, these may not suit me at all.

(But I just can’t remain still like this…)

I roll up my skirt and look at my reflection.

Right now, mine are green and white stripes.

(This won’t do…)

I have no confidence in my own body.

(No! Ichika’s a pervert anyway, so it’s fine! Right! It’s fine!)

Since I’ve decided, I have to change.

I put my fingers on both sides of my panties, and slid it down.

Just when I let it down to my knees, the door opened.


“Rin, I’m done with the shower.”


My butt’s shown outside, and my panties are lowered to my knees, with Ichika standing right behind me.


*Punch* *slap* *slam*





I continued to beat Ichika up until my hands were hurting.



Ichika grab my fist, and he holds my other arm down.

He turns me over and let my back face him.

And then, he hugs me from behind.


Thump, thump, THUMP—!!

My heartbeat’s getting louder to a point where it’s so annoying.

It’s going to break.

My heart,

My body too,


Ichika whispers at my eyes.

My body shuddered once, and I timidly asked.

“Wha-what is it?”


“I want you.”


“Ah, ah, ah…”


Chuu, I was kissed from behind.

“Er, erm, I-II-Ichika-saa…the-there’s something…hard…pressing on me here..?”

Chuu—Ichika started sucking at the place he licked.

“It was me.”

He muttered with a sweet voice.

I felt my head boiling.

“Rin…to the bed.”


Ichika, who had been cradling me from behind, now carries me with a princess carry, and I land onto the land simply like a newly-born cat.

“I’m taking it off.’”

He said as he started licking on my neck.


My waist can’t move away at all,

And my body feels like it’s going crazy with the heat.

My mind is also going blurry, thinking about nothing other than Ichika.

“Rin…your body is pretty.”


…! Ichika suddenly starts licking at my collarbone.

I feel completely hot like an iron, and all the parts Ichika stroked me on were hot, so hot it was unbearable.

“Ichi, kaa…”

“I’m taking it off.”


I nod, even a little, but I really did nod.

After taking off my sailor uniform, Ichika keeps staring at my barren breasts under my bra.


I want to cover my breasts in an embarrassed manner.

But Ichika uses his gentle hand to stop me.

“You’re cute, Rin.”

“Nn, fuu…”

Ichika starts to lick between my barren breasts.

This feeling feels rather hot, rather sweet, and rather lewd.

(Au…I’m…really a lewd girl…)

Because I still want this to continue.

Because I want him to be more intense with me.

“I’m going to take off the bra.”


Ichika prods at me with his fingers, and I lift my body slightly in an obedient manner…


The sound of my bra hook being removed sounded exceptionally loud in this room…it felt that way.

My underwear slid off, but Ichika didn’t remove it directly as he reach his hand further below.

—His icy cold fingers reach into my skirt that’s hot and humid inside.

“Here too…”


“I won’t wait.”

Shuush…one side of my panties is dragged down.

“Ah, ahh…”

I shouldn’t.

I can’t do this.

…But it’s not that I shouldn’t.

…And there’s no problem.


I let out a voice like a fawning cat, and close my eyes.

—At that moment.


Suddenly, the room door’s opened.

The one entering—

“Eh, eh, Ichika…?”

Ichika’s wearing a white school uniform I never seen before.

Never seen before…?

—No, that’s the IS Academy uniform.

(Eh, but isn’t Ichika in front of me? This should be the ideal ‘world’ that belongs to me—)

“Detecting anomaly in World Purge, foreign object intruded. Beginning elimination.”

It-it hurts! It hurts hurts hurts!

My head hurts, both inside and outside! I feel like I’m being cut! I’m dying! I’m dying of pain!

Amidst this intense pain, the Ichika dressed in the school uniform and pressing on me was sent flying by Ichika in the IS Academy uniform.

And then, the school uniform Ichika’s eyes turned from white to black, and then from black to gold.

“Executing mission, eliminating the obstacle.”

It’s a mechanical voice, and though it is Ichika’s voice, I just feel that it doesn’t sound like it.

(Wha-what is this!? What exactly is this!? What exactly is going on!?)

“Save me, Ichika!”

I cried as I yelled.

And then,

A pair of strong arms embraced me.

“It’s fine, I’m here, Rin—I’ll protect you.”





This is Ichika, the real Ichika.

I know.

Not by my head.

Not by my body.

Not by my heart.

But I know by my soul.

“In this case—”

I grit my teeth to endure the pain.

“Disappear, you fake!” I open my IS ‘Shenlong’ fully and fire my shock cannons at their highest output.

The fake Ichika scatters like bricks, and at the same time, the entire room’s destroyed.

“Rin, let’s go!”


We ran off to the door.

And then, we’re surrounded by light—

“This is…?”

“A forest…I think.”

After we came out, the door disappeared into many light particles.

I saw such doors standing in the middle of the forest, and feel a little surreal.



“No, Rin…you look…”


I turn my head away awkwardly, and Rin looks at herself “?” with a doubtful look.


Ahh, just the reaction I expected.

Speaking of Rin now, she’s in a half-naked state after being stripped by the fake me.


“Wait! It’s not my doing! Not me! That’s not me, so don’t kick me or use your shock cannons to attack me—”

“…me up.”


“Dress me up!”



“Ah, ahh, didn’t you strip me of my clothes?”

“It wasn’t me!!”

“B-bu-but, after…”

Suddenly, Rin’s letting out tears.

“Like that…like that…uee…”

“Ahh, no, that…”

Rin started crying.

This unexpected response cause me to be at a loss.

(But, well…)

I just can’t leave her like this.


“Uu…uu…wha-what is it?”

“Come here, I’ll help you put it on.”

“Eh, ah…ye-yes…”

After that, Rin stopped crying due to her shock.

She approach me tentatively, and first reaches her hand over to give me her bra.



H-how awkward.

“Sp-speaking of which, this uniform, certainly brings back past memories!”

“Tha-that’s right! It-it’s really nostalgic! Aha, ahaha!”

Our pretense eases off the tension in the atmosphere.

I just can’t remain calm no matter what, but I still hold onto the bra.

(I-I better not look at her body here as much as I can…)

And finally, I barely manage to help Rin put on her bra. After I button up her sailor uniform, the problematic skirt was next.

“…Ri-Rin…san? I think you better do the bottom your—”


A teary-eyed Rin looks at me .

Ahh seriously, I don’t care now!

“I’m putting on your panties now.”

Brrr. Rin shudders slightly.


I kneel down on one leg, trying my best not to look at her panties as I reach my hand into the skirt.

(Erm, as long as I hold the sides…)


“Wahh!? Wh-wha-what-what are you doing!?”

“Shut up! I can’t look when I’m doing this, and there’s no other way here!”

“Fu, Hm! Then you just need to look a little, right? Just a little!”

Rin said this as she lifted her skirt a little—and suddenly stopped.

“I-I’m letting you see because it’s you, Ichika.”

“O, oh…”

File:IS v08 139.jpg



Rin tentatively roll her skirt up with trembling hands.

Her half-removed panties are dangling diagonally, but this really feels surreal.



“Ho-hold it, don’t be so quiet…”

“How can I talk while doing this!?”

I force myself to say this, and Rin’s face immediately turns red.


Both of us are silent.

I’m already used to washing Chifuyu-nee’s underwear, but this is the first time I’m touching a girl’s—I mean Rin’s underwear, and helping her put it on.

I can clearly feel my heart beating intensely.

(It’s just Rin, It’s just Rin, it’s just Rin.)

Rin’s…my IS Academy friend, and my second childhood friend—

“But is that all?”

I heard a certain voice—I think.

It was the voice of a girl I had never heard before.

It came clearly from the rear left side of my head.


“Hya, yes?”

“I-I’m done.”


Rin and I inadvertently look away, and our backs are facing each other.



What’s with this silence?



Kanzashi’s standing in a corner of the lush forest, and we have no idea how long she has been there.


“A-at-at least speak up if you’re there!”

“But…the atmosphere wasn’t right for me to appear, so…”


Kanzashi walked out from the forest.

“Anyway…I’ll take Rin-san…away from here. Continuing the mission…will be difficult…”

“I-I can still continue!”

“No…there’s a high chance…we’ll be attacked by some IS. So it’s best for us to head back first…”

Rin hears Kanzashi’s calm explanation, and nods begrudgingly.

“I understand…”

“Then…Ichika will look for the rest…”

“Oh. Ah, Kanzashi, hold on for a moment.”


“You have a leaf on your hair. You see?”

I take down the leaf I just noticed.

“Isn’t it a pity to have such beautiful hair ruined by that leaf?”


Kanzashi lowers her head and fidgets about. What’s with her?

“Ahh! I really feel like using my shock cannons here!!”

Rin suddenly exclaimed loudly.

“What’s with you, Rin.”

“Nothing, at, all!?”

I don’t understand why, but she seems infuriated. I think she’s angry from deep within her heart here.

“Th-then, I’ll make my move!”

“Ah, hey, wait up, Ichika!”

I can only run away now.

“You’ll get it from me when you come back, Ichika!!”

I didn’t head for the door, but run into the forest for the time being to escape from Rin.


My name’s Cecilia Alcott, the young CEO of the largest company in England, the Alcott Company.

I finish my work today in an office room filled with first-class furniture, and I press a special platinum bell.


A delightful yet piercing sound echo throughout the room. Three seconds after that, the door opens.

“Did you call for me, CEO?”

The one entering the room is a black haired man dressed in a butler suit well suited to him.

He’s my personal butler who had been with me for a long time—Orimura Ichika-san.

I really want to show my inner excitement on my face, but I still try to show an enraged look.

“…My work today has ended.”

“Please pardon me, My Lady.”

Ichika-san bows to me politely.

But this isn’t what I want.

“Really, when both of us are alone…do you understand?”

“Haha, sorry, Cecilia.”

My childhood friend Ichika-san will pull such pranks from time to time.

But his mischievous charm is something… I like.

(That’s right, the Orimura family has been servants to the Alcott family for generations, and ever since the past, we’ve been together—)


Together, as in…erm…

“World Purge, Initiate.”

(—Right! I’m talking about Ichika-san!)

We have a master-servant relationship, but he’ll soon be my marriage partner. So when both of us are together, there’s always a moment when we feel like being intimate with each other.

(…Though there are moments when I end up feel embarrassed.)

But it feels good.

It feels like both of us are separated from this world, and it feels comforting.

If this is a dream, I hope never to wake up.

I will continue to remain in slumber.

Forever, forever—

“World Purge, complete.”


“What is it, Cecilia?”

“Ichika, did you say anything just now?”

“No, nothing.”

“Oh, never mind then.”

It’s a special Thursday Night today.

We’ll have a secret affair later, and I can’t control the exhilaration inside me.

(I forced myself not to eat cake yesterday, so it’s fine.)

While thinking about this, I suppress the anxiety inside me and head to the bathroom together with Ichika.

I walk down the stairs lit by the glamorous chandelier leading to the bathroom.

My heart’s throbbing like crazy.

“I’ll come back 5 minutes later.”

“Okay then. What aroma do we use today?”

“Fufu, just use whatever you want.”

I wink elegantly and close the door.

Inside this changing room that’s filled with first-class suits, I take off my coat in a relaxed manner.

Of course, Ichika-san’s the one in charge of keeping it.


I remove my earrings and hairband, reverting to how I was when I was born.

Then, I walk into the bathroom; the tub was completely full, ostensibly about to overflow, and welcomed me with hot steam.

(Today’s the special day every week…right?)

Thump thump thump.

I turn the knob of the shower, let the hot water rain on me, and the throbbing in my chest rises.

“Cecilia, I’m coming in.”


—Ichika’s voice came through the door.

However, I switch off the shower without haste, and answer calmly.

“Ye-yes, you can come in, you know?”

The sound of the door being opened rang.

I can hear Ichika walking in barefooted, and my face is completely red.

(Th-that’s right. Today’s the day Ichika baths me…)

Of course, I made him cover his eyes.

Ichika-san pours the aroma oil into the bathtub, and finally arrives behind me.

“I kept you waiting, Cecilia.”

“Eh, yes…”

I’m so shy that I’m unable to look behind.

(If-if Ichika-san’s not covering his eyes…)

This thought will probably cause my head to boil, and I secretly glance behind.

(H-his eyes…are covered.)

I’m relaxed, but a little disappointed too.

Like usual, Ichika-san’s dressed in shirt and trousers as he stands behind me.

“I’ll wash you then, Cecilia.”

“Pl-please go ahead.”

My somewhat excited answer cause me to be embarrassed, and the body washer covered with bubbles touch my back.


His gentle hands start wiping at my back, and I feel my mood improve.

Ichika-san will often wash from the back; then, his hands will move past my neck, and head down.

(He’s washing the back now…it feels good.)

I take pride in the refined curves of my hips.

I kept enduring the urge to eat cakes so that I can maintain this figure.

(And now for the decisive moment…)

And then, Ichika-san’s hands touch my butt.

He’s not washing me with the washer, but using his hands to scrub me with soap.

My face was all red as I enjoyed this blissful moment.

(I’m so embarrassed…but it feels so good…)

I inadvertently let out a little sigh, and Ichika-san’s muttering came at my ears.

“Cecilia, has your buttocks grown bigger?’

“EH!? Th-that can’t possibly be true, right?”


“But you see, the growth here is really lewd.”

Tsutsu…his fingertips are stroking my buttocks.


“Your underwear sizes need to change.”

“We-well, I didn’t grow fat, at all…”

“I know…you lewd Cecilia.”

He licked my ear gently.

This unexpected action cause me to fall limp on the chair.


“Cecilia, I’m going to wash the front now.”


Hold on for a moment, I nodded as I said this.

“Kanzashi, I can’t seem to open the doors.”

I’m wrestling against the remaining 4 doors standing in the midst of the forests.

For some reason, no matter how I try to push them, kick them, punch them, they won’t open.

“I think the doors are locked after what happened to Rin-san just now.”

Kanzashi’s voice sounds clearer than before, “Heh”, and I continue to think as I listen to her.

“If there are two Ichikas in those worlds, it will most likely be very dangerous.”

“Then, how do I get in?”

“Change clothes…”


“You can enter if you change your outfit.”


I was stunned, and Kanzashi sent her message over with a disgruntled look.

“I’m being serious here.”

“O-oh. Understood. I believe you then.”


“Then, what do I do now?”

“I’ll send you a data of your change of clothes, Ichika. Please hold on for a moment.”

The sound of the keyboard being tapped at can be heard over the communicator.

And then, my body’s suddenly surrounded by light particles.


“Data install…complete.”

“Wait, what’s this?”

I’m dressed in complete black, and I have a gas mask over my face.

I have an automatic pistol slinging off the shoulder.

“This is the mission dress for the English Special Forces SAS.”

England…ah, Cecilia, huh?

“Why does it seem like a movie here?”

“…So cool…”

“What did you say?”

“Ack, ack…nothing.”

Anyway, I cheer myself up and place my hand on the blue door.

Kachk, the door opened.

“I’m going.”

“Be careful. There’s a chance of a fake Ichika attacking.”

“It’s fine. I have a weapon now.”

The sound of the pistol being cocked rings, and I pat on the magazine pouch.

“Have you fired a real gun before?”

“…A man only needs to shoot once in a showdown.”

“So that means no.”


Fuu, I heard Kanzashi sigh, and proceed in through the door.

“You’ve grown here too.”


My cleavage’s raised from behind, and this causes me to let out a moan.

At first, he’s fondling from below.

And after then, Ichika-san moves his hands around to touch them, seemingly wanting to feel all of it.

He finally starts using his fingertips to play with my nipples—


“What are Template:Furigana doing!?”

A man dressed in Special Ops clothing breaks in through the glass window, and shoots Ichika-san.


“Eradicating anomaly in World Purge…foreign object…eliminate...”

Ichika-san was shot through the head, and his head was dangling as his mouth mutter such ambiguous words.

Golong. His eyes turned to golden and black.


Something doesn’t seem right, but what…?

“Get away from Cecilia!”

Ichika-san’s slammed hard by the butt of the pistol, and is shot again.


Black sticky liquid flows out from his wounds, and his body melts into a pile of gooey stuff.

He then finally disappeared completely into light.

“Ah, ah, ah…”

“Are you alright, Cecilia? I’ll go save you—wah!?”

I open my ‘Blue Tears’ and swing the close-ranged blade ‘Interceptor’ at the intruder.

“My Ichika-san! My! My!”

“O-Oi, wait! Stop, you idiot!”

“Idiot!? You dare say this to this England’s National Cadet Representative, Cecilia Alcott—”


(I’m…Cecilia Alcott. England’s Cadet Representative?)

My mind’s in a complete mess.

“World Purge, forcefully interfered.”


“It hurts!”

My head hurts, and it feels like it’s going to be cut up.



The intruder removes his gas mask.

That face’s Ichika-san’s.

The awesome expression, the firm voice.

That’s right, he’s the man who prevented me from falling into my dreams…

“Shoot down this fake world!”

—Right, this is my Ichika-san!

“Taking care of it!”

I fire a shot off my ‘Starlight Mk III’ at the ceiling.

The fake world disappears into smoke just like that.

“That was really too much!”

Cecilia, now dressed in uniform, has her arms folded as she looks angry.

She has been playing with her hair curls since just now, shook them away angrily, and folds her arms again.

“What is it? It’s not like anything happened.”

“Nothing happened? You say nothing happened!? I, that fake did to my body—”

Cecilia, who looks ready to attack anyone now, suddenly stops.

“I-Ichika, san? Erm, did you…enter the bathroom…?”


I had been trying my best to avoid this question since just now, and she finally noticed it.

“D-di-did you…see me naked?”

“Not at all! Absolutely not!”

“Who’re you fooling…‘Blue Tears’!”

Cecilia suddenly opens her IS; her face is completely red to the ears as she points at me and exclaims,

“Come out, bits!”

“You kidding me!? Oi!”

But this can’t be some sort of joke. The 4 bits start attacking me as they let out beam shots.


“It-it’s your fault for humiliating me!”


“That goes for both Ichikas!”


The beam burned my butt off.


“I don’t want to listen to you!”



Cecilia stops what she was doing, and the bits too stop.

“Well, to put it…your body’s pretty, Cecilia…”

It’s really embarrassing to say this.

But this definitely isn’t something I’m saying against my will, and besides, if I don’t say something now, I’ll really be killed.


Cecilia removes her IS and fumbles around.

“If it’s you alone, Ichika-san…you can look…”

“Th-that’s quite the honor.”

“But you say I’m the most beautiful in the world…”

No, I didn’t say it to that extent…

“Seriously, Ichika-san!”

DON! Cecilia pushes me away with both hands, tatata, and runs out of the forest.

“Ha, haha…”

But she really is pretty.

Just like a model. Cecilia has always been like that, but now that’s no doubt about it.

(I don’t think ordinary models are that pretty…)

Upon thinking about it, my face turns red.

“Do you have any slight change in how you view her?”

I thought I heard someone mutter something, but it then disappeared with a breeze.


Kanzashi’s message reaches me,

…But for some reason, she doesn’t seem happy at all.

“What next, Kanzashi?”

“I’ll send you your clothing, choose whatever you want.”

Puu. The line’s cute off.

“Wha-what’s going on?”

I’m a little dizzy as I don’t know what’s going on at all.

And then, a large case full of clothing appears above my head and drops down on me.


I dodge it at the last moment, and can’t help but gulp.

“D-did, did I do anything…?”

I have no idea of it though.

Either way, there are still 3 of them left, Charl, Laura and Houki.


“Let’s do it!”

I open the clothing case.

I’m Charlotte Dunois.

Studying in IS Academy—

“World Purge, complete.”

And I’m a maid of the wealthy Orimura Family.

But this situation will end a week later, and the reason is…



My butt was touched, causing me to squeal.

I nearly let drop the cleaning tool in my hands, and hurriedly embrace it in both hands.

“M-master!? You’re teasing me again—”

“What’s bad about a little teasing? Besides, it’s about time you stop calling me master.”


The previous family owner who hired me over from the Church I grew up in died last year, and this year, my master Ichika inherited the role of family head.

Once Ichika took over as head, he immediately declared that he’ll ‘take the maid Charlotte as his wife’.

Ichika and I will have our wedding a week later, and we’ll tie the knot there.

“I-I’m still a maid…anyway.”

“Hm? Then your master’s orders are to be followed at all costs.”

“Ye-yes, of course.”

“I see.”

Upon saying this, my master Ichika suddenly flips my skirt.

“Kyaaahhh!?’ “Kyaaahhh!”

“Charlotte, you’re wearing lewd underwear today again.”

“It-it’s because you ordered me to, Master…”

I’m wearing a sexy translucent lingerie that has laces on the side.

The reason why I’m wearing this is not only to obey Master’s orders…but to show Ichika that I’m ready to be invited to spend the night with him.

“Charlotte, your face is red.”

“S-seriously, Master! I still have my job to do, please excuse me!”

I say and hope to get away from here, but Ichika embraces me from behind.

“I won’t let you run away.”

“N-no…I still have, work…”

My butt’s being patted at.

“It’s your job to accompany me too, you know?”

“Nn…I-I got it…”

My face is completely red, and I nod gently.

And then, Ichika suddenly carries me up in a bridal carry.

“I caught a cute maid♪”

“It’ll be bad if people see us here…”

“It’s fine. Everyone has agreed to our relationship, Charlotte.”

“This isn’t what I’m talking about.”

Though I say this, this fact he said cause my heart to delight, and her tense face to relax.

“Alright, let’s go to my room.”

Chuu, a kiss on the face. This is the first time I’m being obedient like a kitty ever since I was born.

(How do I resist this…)

Because I never thought about going against him.

I want to offer my body and heart to him.

To my most beloved Ichika.

To my most beloved master.

“We’re here, Charlotte.”


I’m brought to Ichika’s bedroom, and I’m placed gently on a large bed with a canopy over it.

(T-this means, we’re…finally going to that point…!?)


My heart’s fluttering, and it started to hurt.


Ichika stares at me closely, and looks like he’s going to bury me under, and I close my eyes.

“Kuu. I have a present to give to you today.”

A finger prods at my biting lips, and I realize it’s not a kiss.

(Ah…th-that’s not it…)

I feel a little relieved, but also disappointed.

Just when I feel bounded down by these complicated emotions, a white dress gently falls onto me.

“Ah, this is!”

“Yes, for the wedding.

This is the pure white wedding dress every girl look forward to.

And now, it’s on me.

“Can you try wearing it, Charlotte?”


I nod energetically and get off the bed with Ichika.




“What is it, Charlotte?”

“You’re standing there, so it’s…”

“You can’t change?”


I nod my head in response while holding onto the dress…ahh, I’m so embarrassed.

“Can I see it?”


“Can I see you changing clothes, Charlotte?”


“I want to see.”

“B-but, that’s…”


Ichika then gives me a teasing wink.

(Ah, really, how can I refuse when you show such an expression…)

But I just say ‘okay’, and I give a silent response.

“Can I? Charlotte?”



And then, Ichika kisses me on the head as a reward.

This alone causes me to feel blissful.

(I’m so weak…)

I show a shy smile and put the wedding dress onto the bed for the time being.

And then, I stand upright while facing Ichika.

“Th-then, I’m tak—changing my clothes.”

I nearly say out ‘taking my clothes off’, and hurriedly change my words.

To put it, this is too direct.


I gulp and start to undo my apron.

I feel my heart breaking apart just from this simple action, just from feeling Ichika’s stare.

(I-it’s alright, it’s alright…he has seen me in my underwear several times already…) But this is the first time I’m stripping for him.

Upon thinking this, my hands become hesitant.

“I-I’ll do my best…! I have to do this every night when we become husband and wife!”


“Charlotte, every night…I can?”

“I-I said it out?”



Boof…there seems to be some sound, and my face’s immediately beet red.

(Th-that’s right! What am I saying! At least I can rest for Sunday and recharge—no!)

I shake my head like a dog drying itself, but these pink thoughts still linger in my mind.

“Charlotte, your hands are stopping.”


In this case, I might as well clear my mind and let it be free from all random thoughts. I calm myself down and undo the buttons easily.

“Don’t be so hasty.”

“I-I’ll be embarrassed if I do it slowly…”

Ichika continues to smile as he looks at my face.

Ahh, seriously, seriously there!

I harden my heart and remove the one piece-type maid uniform before dropping it onto the floor.

I can’t withstand the embarrassment from having Ichika stare at me nonchalantly, and instinctively use my hands to cover my bra and panties.

“I-Ichika, your eyeballs are falling out there.”

“It can’t be helped. You’re so alluring after all.”

“Ah, seriously…”

I can’t say I hate it when he says that.

Or rather, I feel a sense of pride, instead of embarrassment, rise in me after hearing my most beloved say such things.

“D-do you want to keep watching, Ichika…”

“I do.”

An immediate answer.

But my face is all flustered looking now.

“I-I guess there’s no other choice then…Ichika no ecchi.”

I slowly move my hand away, and show myself in my lingerie of lace and see-through material.

What I have on are just the maid logo, my headdress, garter belts, white knee socks, bra and panties.

(It’s so embarrassing…but I can show it to Ichika…)

Just when I was thinking about this, a suspicious person kicked the door down.

“What in the world are you doing!?”

The person’s voice vanish, and he start hitting Ichika.

As for this person’s getup, to put it—he dressed with a weird mask, a mantle, boots, a watch, just like a ‘Gentlemen Thief’.

“What are you doing!?”

“I-I should be asking you this!”


I grab the sword on the wall to help Ichika break me.

“Stay away from Master!”


BINK! The gentleman thief manages to dodge my unrestrained slash right at the last moment.

“C-calm down, Charl!”

“Don’t call me so casually!”


“Thanks for saving me, Charlotte.”


(I, I’m called Charlotte…but…only a certain person will call me Charl.)

“World Purge, forcefully interfered.”



A tremenouds pain attacks.

I-I like—

“The one who calls me Charl!”

And the Ichika who’s willing to call me this points the sword at the fake Ichika.

Then, the fake Ichika’s eyes undergo a biological change in color.

“Eradicating anomaly in World Purge… eradicating anomaly in World Purge … eradicating anomaly in World Purge...”


The fake Ichika’s head lands on the floor.

And I’m the one who cut it down.

“It’s a fake, but seeing my head get cut off like that is a little…”

The real Ichika mutters.

I look at the fake again, and there’s no sign of blood oozing out as it slowly dissolves into light and vanishes.

“Let’s get out of here, Charl!”


Ichika suddenly carries me.

I’m covered in the mantle, and I can hear the sound of glass being broken from afar.

(I can feel…Ichika’s heartbeat…)

I’m surrounded by a warm presence of love as I leave this fake world.


Having returned back to the forest, I first put Charl down.



“D-Don’t look! Ichika no ecchi!”

Charl covers my eyes with her hands; for some reason, she’s not wearing the IS Academy uniform, but the sexy lingerie she was wearing in that world just now.


“Cecilia changed into her uniform just now.”

“Didn’t I tell you not to look!”

I’m poked in my eyes.


“Ahh!? So-sorry! But, that, you told me to wear this, Ichika, and you told me to take it off…”

“Th-that’s why…it’s the fake…”

“Are you trying to escape with this excuse?"

What do you mean by escape…that’s the truth.

“No, that’s why, well, Charl.”

Anyway, I let her put on the mantle, and then check her expression as I think of a way to appease her.

“Y-your cute face will be wasted if you get so angry.”


Argh, I failed.

Charl puffs her cheeks and turns her back at me.

“…A date.”


I respond to this teeny-weeny voice, and Charl then turns around while covering herself with the mantle.

“I want a date! I’ll forgive you if you promise me that we’ll have a date at a theme park!”

“O-okay. If it’s a theme park, let’s go with everyone—”

“I want to go alone!”

She stares at me without looking away, tears still in her eyes.

(Uu…how can I refuse when you’re giving me such an expression…)

I reluctantly give up on resisting, and nod.

“I’ll promise you…but I’ll need to get a deposit first.”

“Eh, you really agree? Really?”

“Didn’t you ask for it, Charl?”

“Eh? Ah, yes, that’s how it is…”

Charl’s expression’s glowing as she puts her hands on her reddened cheeks.

“…I succeeded. Right, I asked for it, ehehe.”

She seems to be in a better mood, so I can relax for now.

“Let’s leave this world first then. I’ll send you out.”

“There’s no…need”

Kanzashi appears from the forest just like before.

“I’ll…send her out…”


Her voice seems to have some fury in it, and I find it a little difficult to argue back.

“Anyway, Charlotte’s…uniform download…complete.”

Charl’s immediately surrounded by light, and she changes back to her usual IS Academy Uniform outfit.

“I’ll be going out then, Ichika. Don’t forget the promise.”

Charl’s being abnormally energetic, and she walks to the outside of the forest with light steps.

Kanzashi whispers to me something before she heads off after Charl,


“Wh-what!? No, that’s not it. I’m not—”

But Kanzashi has already looked away.


I’m left alone, and scratch my head while not knowing what’s going on.

“It’s great that you can see her smiling face again.”

…Am I hallucinating? I think I hear something, and yet it doesn’t feel that way.


“Two more doors. Laura and Houki, huh?”

A thought pops up in my mind, telling me there are two more troublesome—no, two people in huge trouble.

“Anyway, I can only go on!”

I motivate myself and rummage through the clothes case.

My name’s Laura Bodewig.

The commander of the German Special Forces ‘Black Hares’, and currently—

“World Purge, complete.”

—And now, I’m a groom loving my ‘wife’ who I married two months ago.

I used the salary given by the army to buy a house as our love nest. It does feel a little too large for 2 people, but considering the future, this isn’t inappropriate


I lay the newspaper out on the living room table, waiting for breakfast.

“The situation in the Middle East is changing. Will it affect my Germany—”

“Laura, didn’t I tell you not to read the newspaper when you’re eating?”

“Y-yes. Sorry.”

My wife said this as he serves the hot cocoa with lots of milk in it.

(Such a capable ‘bride’)

I’m nodding away in my heart.

On a side note, the wife’s called Orimura Ichika.

“Laura, the omelet rice’s done.”

I receive the omelet rice that’s soft on the inside, filled with love, and look at Ichika again.

He’s dressed in an apron, and is the ‘bride’ I’m proud of.

“Oh yes, Ichika, actually, I…”

Ahem. I cough, and change the topic.

“I have a special vacation today, so, well…”

“We can spend the entire day alone?”


I’m a little embarrassed, while Ichika’s face immediately lit up.

“In that case, let’s hurry and use these.”

“Th-those are!”

Those are the 5 ‘satisfy any wish coupons’ we obtained from each other on our wedding anniversary.

I look at my familiar handwriting, and a stronger sense of embarrassment rises in him.

(He must be thinking of whatever ‘wish’ he wants, that damned Ichika…)

I cosplayed as a Gothic Lolita the last time.

What does he want me to do this time? A nurse?

“Laura, be my healing angel…”

A-a maid, maybe?

“Call me Master…”

Or maybe a bunny girl?

“You’re a cute bunny-chan, my Laura…”

“Laura? Laura?”

“Eh? What is it?”

“You’re nosebleeding.”

Ichika mentions this and wipes my face with his handkerchief.

“I can do it myself! Yes!”

“Yes yes.”

“Just say ‘yes’ once.”

“Let’s not talk about that, Laura. Say ahh.”


(Waah, Ichika’s omelet rice melts in my mouth~ ♪)

—Eh, now’s not the time to indulge in such happiness!



“Wh-what kind of wish did you make?”

I stand up without further thought, and Ichika smiles as he points out my fault.

“Okay okay, just calm down. Being anxious is a flaw a commander mustn’t have, right?”

“U-um…that’s right.”

I sit down again, take a bite of toast, filled my mouth with salad, and take a gulp of cocoa.

“A naked apron then.”


“Ack, ack ack!...Wh-what!?”

“My wish is for you to try being in a naked apron, Laura.”

“Y-yo-you idiot! Who’ll do such a thing!?”

I poke my head over the table and close in on Ichika.

Only to be attacked by with a kiss on the forehead.



“Please, Laura♪”




“I-Is this alright?”

My voice is devoid of force, and I hesitantly walk out of the living room.

I have only an eyepatch and an apron on me, and I’m so embarrassed here.

I pull the cloth in front of me, hoping to cover even a little bit of cloth, but Ichika gives an uncompromising stare at my body lovingly.


“You’re very cute, Laura.”

“What, shut up shut up!”

Ichika says with a very gentle voice, seemingly wanting to raise my embarrassment.

“Then, since it’s rare to see you wear an apron, how about you cook?”


“Your cuteness will increase this way, Laura.”


I can’t resist when Ichika describes me as ‘cute’.

I hate myself for my stupidity and small stature…but I love it.

(I’m…a weak woman.)

Once I recognize this dissatisfaction in my mind, it becomes delight again.

“If you dare do anything funny…I won’t forgive you.”

“What weird thing?”

“Anyway! Those, well…perverted…hump! Don’t make me say it!”

Bump! I hit Ichika in the abdomen, and walk to the kitchen.

“It hurts…Laura.”

“What is it?”

“Your butt’s cute♪”

My bare area was being fondled at.

My mind’s boiling, and I swing a punch back hard at Ichika..

But Ichika gently stops my fist, and then hugs me from behind nonchalantly.

“You’re so cute, Lura.”

“T-this! Stop it, you idiot…ahh!”

He touch the apron covering my breasts.

Once I show a response from the sensitive part, Ichika whispers an intoxicatingly sweet and lewd line at my ears.

“…Let’s play on like this today.”


“Let’s play kissy kissy.”

Chuu! A kiss is engraved on my shoulder.


My mind’s all dizzy now.

Ahh, but, but,

(Maybe it’s not so bad…to go with the flow like this…)

Just when I was lost in my thoughts of paradise, a growl suddenly rang.

“Goodness me, why in the world is everyone having such dreams!?”

There’s a suspicious person dressed in full silver armor opening the door and entering.

“Who are you!?”

I grab the chopper from where I am and throw it at the armored man.

DANG! The chopper lands right at the chest with a loud sound…but it’s shallow.

“A-ar-are you trying to kill me!?”

“Of course. Those who get in the way of Ichika and my relationship shall all die!”

I rush out from Ichika’s embrace and charge in low at the armored man.



I land a sharp fatal kick at the gap of the armor.

And I felt the opponent’s bones let out a creak.


The armored man kneel down on his knees. I forcefully pull out the chopper from his chest, and quickly placed it at his neck.

“It’s over. Die.”

“Do your best, Laura.”

I suddenly hear Ichika cheering me from behind, and my heart flutters.

“O-of course. It’s decided—”

“You bastard…making Laura fight in your stead.”

The armored man stands up with quite the momentum.

I hurriedly draw back the chopper and slash at the armored man, but the slash feels shallow.

“Move aside, Laura.”

“Do your best, Laura.”

There are two Ichika voices, coming from both front and back.


The armored man pushes aside me as I’m feeling lost, and draws the sword at his waist.


“Do your best, Laura.”

ZAK! Ichika’s stabbed through the chest by the chest.

His heart should be pierced through completely, but he’s not letting out a single drop of blood.

And also, he’s repeating the same line over and over again like a broken recorder.

“Do your best, Laura.”

He just continues, and continues.

“Do your best, Laura. Do your best, Laura.”

He just keeps on repeating this line over and over again.

“Do your best, Laura. Do your best, Laura. Do your best, Laura. Do your best, Laura. Do your best, Laura. Do your best, Laura. Do your best, Laura. Do your best, Laura. Do your best, Laura. Do your best, Laura. Do your best, Laura. Do your best, Laura. Do your best, Laura. Do your best, Laura. Do your best, Laura. Do your best, Laura. Do your best, Laura. Do your best, Laura. Do your best, Laura. Do your best, Laura. Do your best, Laura. Do your best, Laura. Do your best, Laura.”

The ‘do your best’ soon becomes ‘fight’.

(I-I-I’m born, to fight…)

“Wh-what kind of joke is THIIIISSSS!!”

The armored man slams Ichika into the wall, and raised the sword used to stab him.

Even as his brain was split in two, he continues on,

“Do your…best…Lau…ra, fig…ht…on…kill…kill…”

A-ah, ah—

“Uwahh! N-no…. No…no! I’m not a fighting ma…”


The armored man takes off his armor.

He removes his helmet, and a familiar face appears in front of me—

“It’s alright, Laura. You’re yourself, and irreplaceable. You don’t have to fight against your will.”


I’m surrounded by that warm embrace, and lose my consciousness.


Once we return to the forest, I let the sleeping Laura in my clutches land on the field so that she can continue sleeping.

I suppose the fact that she’s sleeping soundly is proof that she’s having a good nap, and I can’t find anything wrong with her.

“Just like a sleeping beauty.”

I touch her nose.

“She really looks cute like this.”

I too sit beside Laura at her waist, and look at the sky without minding her at all.

“But why is it that all their dreams includes me?”

“Let me answer this.”

A head popped out from the lush forest, and I didn’t need to think to know it’s Kanzashi.

“Do-don’t scare me like that…”


She nods and reverts back to her usual passive mode as she walks out from the forest.

“You have a lot of leaves on you…guess there’s no choice.”

I pick the leaves one by one off Kanzashi, and her face is red for some reason.

“Do you know how the enemy’s attacking us?”

“Yes, I guess the enemy’s...connects directly to its attack targets in a neural way…this method turns the attacked’s inner wishes and desires to become reality, blocks off stimulation from the outside way, and cause some sort of psychological effect…the intention is to—”

Upon hearing Kanzashi say this, Laura immediately sat up to cut her off.

“Wh-what are you saying, you?Y-yo-you’re saying this is my wish!? K-kn-kno-know your place!”

Laura’s embarrassed in an interesting manner, and I start to tidy up her silky hair that’s messed by the wind.

“Good morning, sleeping beauty.”

“S-sl-sleep-sleeping beauty!? I-i-Ichika, you…!”

Laura’s about to leap and snare my neck, but Kanzashi puts her hands on Laura’s head to stop her.

“Your face…is really red.”


“In other words…”

“We were right…”

“Th-that’s not it! Definitely not! Ab-about getting married happiy! About however a nice family! About having 3 children! I-I have to fulfill my responsibilities as a soldier since I’m often on the battlefield—”


Stop. I pat her on the head gently.

“How about you go back to rest?”


I stroke Laura’s silky hair, and the feeling on my fingers really soothes me.

Just when I was enjoying myself here, Kanzashi suddenly coughed dryly.


I feel that it’s a little pitiful, but I draw my hand away from Laura’s head.

“…Then, I’ll…be going back.”

“Oh, be careful.”

“I-Ichika, I have something to say to you once you return.”


“An-anyway, forget about everything today! This is an order!”

Yes! I give Laura a salute, and bid farewell to her.

Then, I look at the last door.

I wonder what kind of dream does that swordsman nadeshiko[2] have?

“…Right, better not go then.”

I can feel a strong killing intent.

“I’m joking, just joking. Ahahaha.”

I rummaged through the clothes case, and found a nice set of clothing I can use.

“—Let’s go then.”

I open the last door.

My name’s Shinonono Houki.

I’m Ichika’s childhood friend, and also his senior at the dojo.

Right now, I’m in IS Academy—

“World Purge………………………… complete.”

Right now, I’m living together with Ichika at the Shinonono shrine.

I’m the miko of this shrine, and also teach the kids kendo in the dojo here.


I finished my strokes, and wipe away the sweat on my forehead.

“You’ve worked hard for morning training, Houki.”

Ichika said this as he appears, and hands me a towel.

He’s dressed in hakama, and this black piece of clothing really suits him.

“Are you starting now?

“No, I finished my strokes one hour ago. I’m going for a run now.”

“Is that so…then, the two of us can go together—”


“No, it’s nothing! Nothing at all!”

“Is that so? Let’s have breakfast then. It’s your favorite carrot miso soup today.”

“U, um.”

I was led into the main house by Ichika, who’s showing a smiling look on his face.

(It’s weird…)

In this computer world that’s filled with both light and darkness, the ‘enemy’ attacking IS Academy is silently thinking about something.

(The ‘world purge’ effects on Shinonono Houki is a little weak…why is it…?)

But it’s not completely ineffective.

She has finished ‘isolating her from the real world’.


But it just seems rather out of place.

The girl thought of the uneasy feeling, and reached her destination.

In this world, the dimensions were vague, void of any roads; after walking for a while, she finally saw the core of this world—an ice sculpture of a world.

(This is…what Tabane-sama said…)

She whispered as she looks at that huge ice book.

(The core of Orimura Chifuyu’s personal unit, the ‘Kurazakura’…”

“Then, let’s have a battle. Come.”


I—Shinonono Houki—and Ichika are dressed in kendo gear, and we stand up nimbly.

Our bamboo swords are pointed at each other, and we wait for each other to take action.



A quiet yet tense atmosphere occupies this place.

Basically, in kendo, the one who strikes first is at the disadvantage.

It’s a basic in kendo to wait for the opponent to move.

However, there is a unique trait in kendo, in that the side that takes action first can continue the flow of the battle.

In this silent stareoff, we grasp each other’s breathing, footwork, and rhythm.

These can allow us to determine when the opponent will take action, and retaliating is easier.


(The breathing isn’t erratic at all…you’ve gotten strong, Ichika—in this case!)

I put the bamboo sword at my hands, and bring my body to charge forward.

I then suppress the Ichika’s momentum backwards, take a step back, and dodge the counter.


In an instant moment, we strike. Ichika and I pass by each other.

“…I lost.”

I declared.

I was hit by Ichika right in the front the moment I was about to beat him.

His reaction was fast and without doubt.

““Thank you very much!””

After greeting each other, we keep the bamboo swords.

Then, we head outside the dojo, sit down in seize positions, and face outside.


I lost, but I do feel relieved.

Just when I was looking at Ichika in a satisfied manner, our stares met.


It has been 3 months since the day when Ichika came to live in the Shinonono Shrine so that he can attend High School.

He quickly got back his sense of kendo that had dulled, and now he’s able to challenge me in a duel.

“Houki, I’ll change my clothes now, and then I’ll sweep the shrine grounds.”

“Ahh, I get it. I’ll take a quick bath to wash off the sweat on my body then.”

For an instant, I had a thought ‘what if he’s going to peep at me’, but as far as I know, Ichika’s not that kind of guy.

He has the outstanding traits of a Japanese man.

(Hm, if-if possible, I can have Ichika enter the Shinonono Shrine as a son-in-law, and then we’ll spend our free lives raising children, and then we can have a steady retirement.)


“Ahem, ahem. I can talk about such things later.”

I just need to have Ichika with me. As long as I can continue to look at Ichika from as close as possible…

“Detecting anomaly in World Purge, foreign object intruded. Beginning elimination.n”


After clearing up the kendo gear, I stood up, and saw a man dressed in white hakama at the entrance of the dojo.

I can’t see his face as it’s hidden. However, why is an unrelated person standing there dressed in complete gear?

“The dojo’s closed for today.”

“Ah—erm…I’m here to challenge the dojo!”


“I heard that I…no, Orimura Ichika’s here. Please allow me to challenge him!”


He certainly have the guts to challenge my Ichika, but…

“There’s no need to compete to see who the winner is.”

“You’ll know about it once the contest’s over, Houki.”

Hm? Why does he know my name…?

“An-anyway, I hope to have a match against Orimura Ichika!”

“Oh, since you’re so insistent, I’ll call him then.”

I say this with a proud look, and then head into the shrine to call Ichika.

“Ichika…that just now, was dangerous…”

“U…m-my mistake. I didn’t think through it. Sorry.”

Kanzashi reminds me through the communicator.

I nearly revealed my identity due to carelessness, so I apologized earnestly.

“Be careful. I guess, Houki’s Ichika…is the strongest…”

“? Why is that?”

“…You blockhead.”

Gak. She cut the line.

At the same time, the fake Ichika appeared in the dojo.

“Let me say this here. Ichika here is like me as a senior, and has equal ability as I do. He’s not someone who’s going to lose to a person like you planning to take the dojo down.”

(Seriously, you’re really praising me to high heavens…)

“Isn’t it, Ichika?”

Houki gives the fake a smile, and I do feel a little enraged by the expression that fake me’s showing.

“Isn’t that right, Houki?”

(This bastard’s skin’s thicker than a castle wall…)

The fake gives a smiling face in response, and Houki’s stare is fixtated on that smiling face.

(What’s with Houki’s guy? She never showed me such a smile before.)

I just feel annoyed for some reason, and suppress the rage that rises in me as I ready the bamboo sword.

The fake too gets into position as he faces me, and looks rather happy because of Houki’s support.

(I better get rid of this guy soon—)



My mind takes a hit that’s about to break me as the sound of a bamboo sword hit echoed.


Houki’s voice clearly indicates my defeat more than anything else.

(Wh-what kind of joke is this, oi…this guy…he’s super strong here!?)

That’s not…at Houki’s level.

He’s clearly stronger than her.

To be honest, that might even be at Chifuyu-nee’s level .

He’s fast, and there’s no unnecessary movement. His muscles are flowing as smoothly as flowing water, and he has the insight to read into his opponent’s actions. All of these aspects are clearly top class.

“Nice going, Ichika!”

Houki says this with a smile on her face.

“Of course, Houki.”

The fake answers sleazily.


I feel a sense of unhappy filling my heart for some reason, to a point where I have difficulty breathing.

“Another round!”

I instinctively call out.

“Humph, the outcome will be the same regardless.”

She gives me a cold look with these words.

I resist the urge to argue back and raise my bamboo sword again.

“I’ll be your opponent then.”

“You’re kind, Ichika.”

—*Pops veins*

“That’s expected of a man.”


—*Pops veins* *Pops veins*


I roar out, unable to look at this incompatible pair anymore.

As for why I’m this unhappy, even I don’t know.

But I really hate having such a situation continue on.


Houki’s voice acts as a declaration, and I quickly swing a strike at the opponent’s wrist. The opponent didn’t back off, but pushes me back.

Because of the opposing pressure, I lose my balance, and he hits my face in a fluid action.


Houki clearly declares the outcome with a proud voice.

But I—

“Not, not yet!”

I again stood up and faced the fake.

(What’s with this guy…?)

The challenger has already taken 27 straight losses from Ichika, but has shown no signs of giving up.

However, his breathing is completely erratic, and his concentration has clearly weakened.

(Trying to beat Ichika in this state is…)

Clearly impossble.

…But there seems to be something I’m concerned with.

Right, what?

(That unwillingness to lose, that look of him continued to challenge even after defeat—)

Who exactly is it?

It seems similar to someone else.


“Oh, waah!?”


Lost in deep thought, I didn’t notice the proceedings of the match.

The man swatted away by Ichika tumbles and charges at me.



I got into defensive position, but that guy’s hands were groping my breasts.

File:IS v08 205.jpg

“Ah, no, this, that!”



—He has always been like this.

“That’s unforgivable, Ichika!”


“Wait, you’re…Ichika…? Then, the one there is…”

“Eh!? Ah, that…”

This man’s stammering at this point—no, this guy’s Ichika! He’s undoubtedly Ichika!

“Remove the helm!”

“Wahh, don’t do it! I said stop, Houki!”

He called out my name! Of course, this guy’s!

“You’re Ichika, right!? You’re always doing such indecent things—”

“Houki, I’m Ichika.”

“Shut up! Disappear!”

The fake Ichika disappears with a forceful call, and the surrounding scenery changes from the dojo to the forest in the computer world.

“E-erm, Houki…are you, hurt anywhere?”

Ichika’s standing there while dressed in a butler outfit.

“Wh-what do you mean by I’m alright!? Ichika, you…gr-gro-groped my, breasts…”

I immediately recovered, and was trembling all over in anger.

“Take your punishment!”

I open part of my IS, and summon ‘Karaware’.



I chase after Ichika, who’s running away for some reason.

—Why is it that I feel happy in times like this?

More than those sweet dreams…

“…Then, we’re fooled by the ability of that ‘World Purge’? And it was just a delaying tactic—it really infuriates me.”

Houki, who returned to the real world, finally accepted what was going on after hearing Kanzashi’s explanation.

“But…why is it that Houki’s about to break free so easily…it’s a mystery.”

Upon hearing Kanzashi say this, Cecilia, Rin, Charlotte and Laura shuddered.

“Because, everyone else—uhm!”

The quartet’s hands quickly cover Kanzashi’s mouth.

“Re-really, Kanzashi-san!”

“Ye-yeah, because we’re…right?”

“Y-yes! That’s right!”


Kanzashi looks at the quartet that were anxious out of a sudden in a perplexed manner.

And then, she looks at Ichika, who hasn’t returned from the computer world.

(Let’s just hope nothing bad happens…)

“Finally made it.”

I pass through the forest, and find a pure white beach and an endless azure blue sea.

(Is this the system core?)

I feel that I’ve seen this somewhere before, but also the feeling that this is the first time I’m here.

It’s a sense of nostalgia here, but also a sense of unfamiliarity, something really inexplicable.


A girl is standing on the beach alone there.

It was a girl with long silver hair.

(Huh? I feel like I met her somewhere before…and yet not…)

Anyway, I approached her first, and felt that I did have an impression on that silver hair.

“Laura…is it?”

I call out to her, and she slowly turns around.

Her eyes are shut.

“Nice to meet you for the first time. My name’s Chloe Chronicle, and I’ll make my departure here.”

After saying that, the the girl’s profile slowly disappears in the shadow.

“O-oi, wait!”

But my call is met only with an empty echo, and the girl leaves just like this.

“What do I do now, this…”

I can’t connect my communicator.”

Unable to do anything, I walk along the beach, and I find a woman standing at the coast.


That beautiful lady with black hair is my—

“Speaking of which, that Ichika hasn’t woken up yet.”

Rin sighs as she looks down at Ichika, who’s lying on the bed.

“Maybe he got caught in the same trap as us?”

Cecilia said, but Kanzashi stammered,

“I guess not…the system, has already been restored…”

“Then why hasn’t he woken up yet?”

Charlotte says with doubt, and Laura then lets slip a line with a serious look.

“—A kiss then.”

It was a very determined voice.


Everyone other than Laura exclaimed in shock…and even Kanzashi cried out in a slightly loud manner.

“A kiss!? What exactly are you thinking?”

“Hm? You don’t know, foolish people? Hasn’t it always been a kiss that makes a sleeping beauty wake up since olden days…that’s what my First Officer says.”

“Hurry up and fire that First Officer of yours…”

In contrast to Rin’s lethargic retort, Cecilia poked her body forward, wanting to try,

“Please hold on! I do think that it’s not right to deny this possibility when we haven’t tested it!”

“Huh!? Cecilia, what nonsense are you—”

“In that case, I, Cecilia Alcott of the famous nobility with a long history, will be the perfect choice to wake up the prince Ichika-kun.”

Cecilia insisted as she panted.

“Eh!? Th-that’s too sneaky!! In that case, even I have the right to be chosen, right?”

Charlotte reaches her hand, not wanting to lose.

“Ah-ahem! Well, that’s, just like CPR anyway, just like CPR…”

Houki raises her hand quietly, her stare turning to Ichika from time to time.

“In that case, me too! Hai hai hai!”

Rin too raises her hand angrily.

“Oi, you people! Don’t steal the idea I raised! It’s my idea!”

Laura protests unhappily, and Kanzashi uses this opening to sneak her way towards Ichika.

File:IS v08 213.jpg


““Hold it.””

Kanzashi was grabbed before she could react, on the right arm by Houki, and her left arm by Laura.

“What are you doing?”

“Are you trying to get a headstart?”

“No, I-I definitely don’t have that thought it’s just that based on the current situation I wonder if I should take a forceful method to break this current deadlock but my views shouldn’t be added in and this is something I considered out of morality and responsibility in other words—”

“STOPPPP!!! That’s too long! It’s long and is a one huge line of arguments! Don’t beat around the bush and go around like Cecilia’s locks hair. It’s annoying!”

“Right right! …Eh, Rin-san? What did you just say?”

Just when the yapping was going on, Charlotte, who was left aside, suddenly had an idea.

“Huh? Isn’t this a good chance now!?”

Pikon! The light bulb on her head lit up.


Don’t you dare! Just when Rin exclaimed this and let out a flying kick,

Charlotte duck aside to evade.

And so, the door opened at where the flying kick was directed.

“Oi, brats, what are you fussing over—hoo?”

Pak, Rin’s flying kick landed right at Chifuyu’s abdomen—of course, there’s no damage.

“Rin, I knew you’ll do this one of these days…yes.”


Everyone look at Rin, who’s trembling in fear, and see her off with pale smiling faces.

After that, the girls say,

※ To protect their privacies, all visuals and voices have been edited.

“At that moment, we really knew that we won’t be seeing Rin-san’s smiling face again.”

“I thought I saw the devil’s version of the Hyakuretsuki[3]

“Maybe this is the fate for her.

“This is deserved punishment for defying the instructor…but it’s certainly pitiful.”

“She’s, a very reliable friend…a warm-hearted mother…an outstanding teacher…and, what else should I carve…on the tombstone?”

—Huang Lingyin’s death confirmed.

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