Epilogue: Beginning of the StoryEdit


In a room of a high rise condominium filled with luxurious furniture, Autumn closed in on the girl.



Autumn pushed the girl into the wall. Even so, her anger didn't subside, and she then pulled out a knife and pressed it against the girl's face.

"I'm going to scar that face of yours...!"

"Stop it, Autumn. You're too noisy."

A girl with a beautiful face walked out from the bathroom, and the light blond hair radiated under the light.


"You'll get old if you always get angry. Calm down, Autumn."

The woman called Squall was dressed in a bathrobe as she sat down on the sofa.

Autumn glared at Squall with regret.

"You...knew that this would happen?"


"If that's the case, why didn't you tell me! I...I'm-I'm your—"

"I know, Autumn, I know. You're my important lover."

"Good-Good that you know..."

Autumn's anger up till now got wiped off by the smile on Squall's face, and she blushed as she looked down.

She looked like a girl who just met her first love. Seeing her cute look, Squall again smiled happily.

"Come over, Autumn. I'll wash your hair for you. You're really tired today, right?"

"Ah, ahh..."

The girl looked uninterested as she stared at their interaction.

( boring...)

The girl who refused to work with others or interact emotionally with them left the room with an icy cold gaze.

"M, please my IS. The [Silent Zephyrs] was just stolen, and it's necessary to readjust it."

"I got it."

After the girl called M answered, she closed the door. Alone in the corridor, she held onto the necklace on her chest and closed her eyes.

(Just a little more...Just a little more...)

I've been waiting for this, waiting for this moment to arrive.

(Then, my revenge will begin...that's right, finally—)

We'll finally meet.

(...Orimura Chifuyu...)

With no one knowing it, the girl's lips curled evilly.

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