Epilogue: Your Name is...Edit

The next morning, after we finished breakfast, we started packing the IS equipment.

Everyone was busy until past 10. Then, everyone began to board the buses, and lunch seem to be provided at a rest point on the way back.

"Yes ma'am~..."

Right now, as I sit down, I can only describe myself using the word 'Tired'.

I got chased for almost an hour, and the fact that I snuck out of the resort was found out. I got scolded by Chifuyu-nee, and in the end, I only slept for about 3 hours. I feel like I'm about to die carrying out such heavy activity.

"Sorry, anyone got a drink...?"

I asked because I was tired, but—

"...Drink your own saliva." That's what Laura said.

"I don't know." That's what Cecilia said.

"I have it, but I'm not sharing it with you." That's what Charl said.

Rin's from class 2, so she's not around here.

With my last ounce of hope, I turn to Houki.

"Wha-What are you looking here for?"

Just when I'm wondering if she's blushing, she suddenly karate chopped me. WA IT HURTS!!

"Uu, Humph..."

Seems like nobody wants to give me a drink. Is it because of my misconduct? Uu...

(Hm—he really looks pitiful...)

Though Charl's response was cold, she felt that her conscience was pricked on seeing Ichika that tired.

(Oh well. Besides, nothing happened last night. I should forgive him.)

Charlotte pulled out the tea from the PET bottle. She bought it before boarding the bus, and it seemed to be useful now.

(Everyone doesn't seem to be taking action yet. Good!)

(Was I too cold to him...?)

Seeing Ichika really dejected, Cecilia felt rather anxious.

It was a rare chance to be gentle to Ichika, yet she couldn't help but show that attitude because of what happened yesterday.

But thinking about it now, all the girls are unhappy with him. Now's a good chance!

(If that's the case--)

She reached for the PET bottle in her bag. She prepared it for herself, yet unexpectedly, it came to good use here.

(Time to seize the opportunity...fufu.)

(Why didn't I say it in another way...?)

Thinking about this was Laura, who took a new step on this beach expedition.

She's really remorseful that she was petty about what happened yesterday.

In that situation, I should smile to him as a good woman!

Laura thought as she wondered how to patch things up.

(Oh yeah, he looks really thirsty. Might the tea I bought this morning be useful?)

She played with the PET bottle she just took out, wondering how to give it to him.

It was rare for the other girls not to take action, and Laura felt that now was a good chance.

(Hm, I'll just sneak to him and pass the tea to him...if-if that's the case, I can remain with him all the way until the end of the trip.)

(Ahhh! I messed up...)

It's rare for the atmosphere to be as good as yesterday's, yet nothing happened in the end. Not only that, Houki's feeling unhappy that Ichika's been hiding from the other girls, so she responded like that accidentally.

(Thi-This is I have the habit of taking action subconsciously...?)

To be honest, this isn't good.

It was still okay up till last month, but right now, Charlotte's in the same class.

In front of that strong enemy, once she uses violence, he would push her ranking to the back.

(O-Okay! Time to show gentleness to Ichika!)

Houki holds the PET bottle tea that she bought before the bus ride, and stands up.

"Uu...I'm tired..."



Hearing the 4 girls call me at the same time, I turn around. At this moment, an unfamiliar girl walked into the bus.

"Excuse me, is Orimura Ichika-san here?"

"Ah, yes, that's me."

It just so happened that I was sitting at the front-most seat, and I immediately responded once my name got called.

That female's about 20+. She should be older than us alright. Her glamorous blond hair is shining all the more brightly under the summer sun.

As for attire, she's dressed in a cool-looking blue summer suit. However, it's not the professional kind Chifuyu-nee wears, but a casual trendy windbreaker. The open front cleavage allowed me to see a mature woman's ample breasts.

She hung the sunglasses on the shirt, right in front of the cleavage, and bent over to look at my face.

"So you look like this. Oh—"

The woman said that she stared at me in an interested manner. She's not sizing me up, but observing me out of curiosity.

The fragrant orange perfume on her reminds me that 'She's a woman', making me unable to remain calm.


"I'm Natasha Fairs, the pilot of the [Silver Gospel]."


Just when I felt puzzled by this unexpected answer, I got kissed on the cheek!

File:IS03 289.jpg

"Oo...this is a present. Thank you, [White Knight]-san."

"Huh? Ah, uu...?"

"Then, that'll be my farewell—bye bye~"

"Oh, oh..."

Facing this Miss Natasha who waved at me and left, I could only watch her leave as I waved my hand blankly.



For some reason...for some reason...a bad premonition caused me to turn around.

"You cheating man."

"Ichika's rather popular."

"Sure looks like he's very lucky no matter where he goes."


The 4 of them closed in onto me. Ahh...I seem to hear the sound of army boots.

""""DRINK THIS!!!!""""

They threw 4 PET bottles of 500ml each at me. To be honest, these bottles can kill.


After getting off the bus, Natasha found the person she wanted to talk to, and walked over.

"Hey hey, stop spreading unnecessary sparks. It's troublesome to deal with those brats."

Chifuyu said that.

Natasha felt somewhat shy on hearing that.

"Because this guy's a lot better than I expected, so I accidentally..."

"Really...anyway, more importantly, is it really okay for you to walk around like that after 1 day?"

"Mn, it's not a problem. That kid saved me anyway."

The 'Kid' she mentioned about is the [Gospel] that went rampant in this situation.

"—So it was like that?"

"Mn, that kid entered that battle it didn't want to take part in to protect me. Forcing itself into second phase and cutting off the Core Network...that kid sacrificed her world for me."

Natasha continued on, and the carefree tone of hers is no longer present. Right now, she's giving off a vicious presence.

"So I won't forgive her! The one who took that kid's decision making ability! Making it as the enemy of all IS—I must find that person and make her pay!"

Even though the core wasn't damaged, because of the rampancy, the [Gospel] was ordered to be frozen at dawn this morning.

"...That kid loves flying more than anyone else, yet her wings got taken away...I won't forgive that person no matter who that person is."

"Don't do something foolish now. There's still the investigations, right? Anyway, watch patiently for now."

"Is this your advice to me? Brunhilde?"

Brunhilde—that's the title given to the winner of the IS [Mondo Grosso].

Chifuyu was the first winner, but to be honest, she didn't like others calling her that.

"Just a suggestion."

"I see. I'll just wait and see...for the time being."

The two who only met each other for the first time didn't talk any more as both of them went on their way.

The next time—these words are etched on their backs.

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