Lingyin and Ichika are having their reunion & conversation in the cafeteria but Houki and Cecilia interrupt them with suspicious relationship-related questions, making Lingyin blushes. Ichika explains to them that she's one of his childhood friends, second to Houki. Lingyin proposed to help Ichika about IS, but, Houki refuses since teaching Ichika is her job and Cecilia replied that Lingyin's from Class Two, thus an enemy. To provoke them, Lingyin adds that Ichika used to have meals at her place; they turn against Ichika, which replies that he used to eat a restaurant that Lingyin's parents ran, relieving Houki and Cecilia. Lingyin leaves and tells Ichika that she'll see him after school. During the daytime in class, Houki and Cecilia's mind are bugged by Lingyin, forcing Chifuyu to hit them on their head, telling them to focus on the lesson.

At the IS practice, Ichika is surprised that Houki has an training IS (Uchigane). As she prepares to strike Ichika, Cecilia jumps in, making two against one.

After the training, Ichika is exhausted being outnumbered. Lingyin appears and give Ichika a towel and a cold drink. As she resumes her talking with Ichika (with romantic intention), Houki tells Ichika she'll have a shower first, which made Lingyin curious. Upon learning that Ichika and Houki lives in the same dorm room, she later requests to switch room with Houki since Ichika is fine when it comes to being roommate with a childhood friend, shocking Houki.

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  • "So, since that's the case, switch room with me!"
    - Lingyin requesting Houki to exchange room with her so she can be roommate with Ichika


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