A girl arrives at the IS Academy's main gate and says that she can find him there.

During the morning training session, Chifuyu tells Ichika and Cecilia to do several demonstration, such as the nose dive, in which Ichika fails miserably by crashing the ground. Ichika notices a shift in Cecilia's state as she helps him by explaining many things about IS.

In the afternoon, Class One threw a part for Ichika's Class Rep election. All the girls congratulated him warm-fully, causing Houki to reminds him how popular he became. Then, the 2nd year Vice-President of the Newspaper Club Kaoruko Mayuzumi interviewed Ichika and Cecilia with embarrassing questions. When comes the time to take the picture (supposedly to only have Ichika and Cecilia in the frame), everyone jumped in for the shot, making Cecilia a bit upset.

Later on in room 1025, Houki unleashes her jealousy (that built up during the day) indirectly by throwing a pillow to Ichika when he was resting. The latter questioned about her weird actions but Houki tells him to turn around so she can change. While he looked away, the sounds of Houki's undressing made him blush. When she got done and Ichika turned back, he noticed her new clothes, causing her to feel happy that he has sharp eyes. Ichika responds that it's nothing since he sees her everyday, making Houki feel even happier saying to herself that Ichika watches her everyday. Upon turning the lights off, Houki apologizes for throwing the pillow, in which Ichika replied that he didn't mind. They then go to sleep. Ichika recalls a dream about a certain promise in the past with Lingyin.

The next day, rumors spread about a transfer student in Class Two who is a cadet representative of China that also became the Class Representative of her class. Ichika takes a slight interest into the subject, causing Houki and Cecilia to yell at him to focus on the taikousen next month and that he has no time for girls. Suddenly, a girl enters the class and introduced herself as Lingyin Huang, which Ichika recognizes.

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  • Ichika: "Is that a new obi?"
    Houki: "Y...You have a sharp eye."
    Ichika:"Nah, I just noticed since the color and design's different, since I see you everyday."
    Houki: "T...That's right! We see each other everyday...I see...!"

    - Houki and Ichika's night talk in room 1025


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