The battle between Ichika and Cecilia continues. Ichika discovers his IS's 1st Shift and feels that the Byakushiki is easier to control. As he gained momentum and went on to strike, the match announcer declared Cecilia winner.

Chifuyu explained that to win an IS battle, the opponent's shield energy must be at zero. Shield-destroyed attacks deal substantial damage to that. The reason why Ichika lost was because his shield energy got to zero before Cecilia. Later, Houki scolds Ichika and asked if it's vexing to lose. The latter agreed and Houki offers to train him. Meanwhile, during her shower, Cecilia takes an interest toward Ichika and recalls her tragic past.

The next day, Ichika becomes the Class Representative. He is shocked and asked why, only to be replied by Cecilia that she conceded to him. As she boasted her talent and offered to train Ichika, but, Houki objected, causing both of them to fight for him, but, Chifuyu interrupts the cat fight. The latter asked if anyone else had an objection against the idea that Ichika becomes the Class Representative and everybody said "No."

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  • "Yukihira...same as Chifuyu-nee's weapon..I've always been protected by my sister..I want to end that protective relationship with my sister already. I don't want to be mocked as Chifuyu-nee's pathetic brother." - Ichika about Chifuyu.
  • "What...rather than having those unnecessary thoughts you should focus exclusively on one thing during a fight, that said, you sure are my brother." - Chifuyu to Ichika.


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