Ichika begs Houki to train him to prepare for the battle against Cecilia. She first denied but when a senior student offered to train Ichika in front of her she gets jealous and accepted to train him. After the training, discovering that Ichika hasn't practiced kendo since the day they left each other 6 years ago, she tells him she'll train him everyday for 3 hours after school, much to Ichika's surprise.

The day of the duel, Maya and Chifuyu arrives and announce that Ichika's IS is ready; it is Chifuyu's former IS suit, the Byakushiki, a 4th generation melee-type. He starts the duel against Cecilia and slowly discover the abilities of his suit and the lone weapon of the Byakushiki, the sole blade that Chifuyu used to win in the first Mondo Grosso, called Yukihira.

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  • Kendo Club
  • Battle Arena


  • "That idiot sure is having fun. You've seen him clenching his left hand, right? It's a long time habit of his. When it happens, he usually messes up even the simplest things."
    - Chifuyu to Maya about Ichika's habit


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