An IS Representative Cadet is a top student chosen to represent their country as an IS pilot. Acquiring a Personal IS is considered as the utmost honor for any IS pilot due to harsh requirements and sheer rate of competition.

A Representative Candidate is one who has been selected as a potential Representative by the Government of the Country.

Reasons for titleEdit

  • Since there are only 467 IS in existence, it is impossible for 1 billion + potential candidates to actually 'own' an IS (Estimated from half of world total population - 6 billion for gender + 1/3 of that for right age group).
  • Naturally, the ownership of IS is limited to either government body or a few major IS R&D corporations.

However, it is possible for a pilot under such organization to be assigned a designated IS for extended period of time.

  • Basically, IS has its own consciousness capable of decision making process to a certain level. Aside from outer input from R&D, an IS is capable of self-evolvement by optimizing itself to the pilot, called 'Fitting' in which the IS analyzes its pilot and transform itself to be more efficient for the pilot.
  • Apparently, this process is not practical for ISs with multiple pilots (such as IS configured as trainer), so this feature is disabled on most ISs, with the exception being Designated IS. Designated pilots, on the other hand, could benefit from optimization with their personal ISs, putting them in an advantage compared to those without personal ISs.


However, use of IS without permission of the organization in which the pilot is currently under is strictly prohibited by international law, and violation of this law is punishable as a serious crime.

The person in question must go through vigorous testing to ensure she is capable of piloting an IS.
Normally, pilots with their personal IS are either:

  1. Government approved IS Representative (1 for each country, making Ichika and Houki's situation a bit problematic).
  2. Designated test pilot of major IS R&D corporation (number depends on the quantity of IS held by such firm).
  3. Government approved IS representative candidate (could be more than one, but not all of them are given personal IS).

In addition, if a Designated Pilot is found out to be preventing her IS from evolving further, she would most likely be replaced with a new pilot, and as honorable as becoming a Designated Pilot could be, getting its position revoked is even more disgraceful - something every Designated Pilot tries to prevent at all cost.

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